According to Stanford professor and former dean of the school of education Deborah Stipek, learning math is as important for preschool learners as learning to read. In fact, a widely cited study by Duncan et al. (2007) found that early math skills are actually a stronger predictor of later math, reading and attention skills than is reading alone. Thus, as the title of an article by Stipek, Schoenfeld & Gomby (2012) reads: “Math Matters: Even for Little Kids”! Read More… Read Less

Although there is no consensus as to the exact best way to to convey math to students, there is increasing evidence as to the utility of screen-based tools to help children explore abstract mathematical concepts (Sarama and Clements 2009). Here at Class Playground we offer a number of ways to integrate technology into the teaching of a few key areas of early elementary math learning, linking to activities at our sister site Toy Theater. All the activities are simple and easy to use and are compatible with both desktop and mobile devices.