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What is a hundred chart?

A hundred chart is a great tool for practicing a variety of math skills in the elementary classroom. Designed as a 10-by-10 grid, a hundred chart displays the numbers one to one hundred in order. The hundred chart functions much like a number line, but in a more compressed space that draws attention to place value and patterns.

Each row on the hundred chart contains a group of ten numbers. This allows students to use the chart to count to 100 in different ways. They can move across rows to count by ones and move down columns to count by tens. This tool can be easily implemented into whole-group activities, class games, and independent practice.

Why should I use hundred charts?

The hundred chart is a valuable learning tool students can use to learn and master our number system. Using this resource offers students a visual aid to explore the structure of our number system while also building a mental model of number progression. The hundred chart helps students see the patterns which exist in counting and can be used to teach a range of math skills. This includes counting to 100, skip counting, odd and even numbers, addition and subtraction, and multiplication. You can even use a hundred chart to count coins.

One simple activity using the hundred chart involves cutting the 10×10 grid apart into 10-15 pieces to make a puzzle. Each puzzle piece should include 6-10 numbers. Students use their number sense as they work to make a complete hundred chart by piecing together each section of the chart correctly. This is just one of numerous activities you can implement with the aid of a hundred chart.


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