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What is a multiplication chart?

A multiplication chart is a basic “go-to” chart in elementary mathematics. When students don’t have their multiplication facts memorized, a multiplication chart is a great visual tool to utilize during instruction.

A multiplication chart is a grid of rows and columns. Numbers are arranged on the grid to show you the results (product) of multiplying two numbers. The numbers located along the left side of the grid and the numbers on the top row represent the factors. The numbers located within the chart represent the product which is found where the two factors intersect. For example, if you place one finger on the 6 (factor) on the left side and another finger on the 8 (factor) on the top row, you will get 48 (product) where those two numbers meet.

Why is it important to use multiplication charts?

Multiplication is one of the fundamental building blocks in mathematics. Multiplication facts can be difficult to learn and challenging to teach. Students who struggle to learn their times tables will typically find other math concepts, such as division and problem solving, tough too.

These grids aid students as they develop and build automaticity with multiplication facts. By repeatedly using the chart, students start recognizing patterns among different factors. As students become seasoned at finding products using the chart, it’s important to point out the commutative property of multiplication. This shows students that the product stays the same now matter what the order of the factors. For example, 4×5=20 and 5×4=20. Teaching times tables can be challenging, but with the right tools, such as multiplication charts, mastering multiplication can be made simpler while also being fun and engaging for students.


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